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Paying heed to the pervasiveness of the usage of smart mobile devices, Strateq has strategised to address certain selected market segments to build payment applications. Amongst the market identified to start with is the Oil and Gas Industry, and this is based on:

Strateq’s acute knowledge of its processes and systems within the industry

Established Strateq brand name amongst Oil and Gas players regionally

The market was not well serviced by other mobile application vendors due to the complexity of the Oil and Gas companies’ systems

Oil and Gas companies were looking at cost-effective solutions with local expertise to support them

Key Functions

On-Boarding Process

Mobile Pay

Station Finder




Mobile Payment (Mobile Application System) comprises of three components that can be implemented individually in conjunction with other third-party systems or together.

Product Components

Mobile Application

Application supporting iOS and Android


Integration point to source and destination host systems

Mobile Back Office

The engine that allows the set-up of the system, maintenance and business rules

It can be implemented on Physical Servers or Cloud with high availability configuration with a 24/7, 365 days a year operation.

Mobile Payment is developed with leading edge functionalities that offer competitive edge to its users.

Act as a payment gateway where it can be integrated with other Banks and e-Wallet schemes directly or used to integrate with Payment Gateway providers Act as gateway to Tokenisation (Card Vault) providers such as CyberSource when there is a requirement for Tokenisation as part of an on-boarding process  Integration point to source systems be it Point of Sales, Pump Controllers, Kiosk, etc.
 Allows the configuration of the system set up and maintenance Mobile Content Management that allows creation of promotions with promo codes  Allows the calculation of discounts, merchant discount rates, loyalty points conversion, goods and services tax.  Allows the setup of parameters for product restrictions and supports payment schemes.  Allow web access to merchants and application users to review their account activities  Provides dashboards for analytics and reports.

Strateq Electronic Payment System, EPS (Site Payment Controller) is designed for retail merchants, oil and gas stations, hospitality industry and hospitals which have multiple sites that support many different terminals.

It acts as a terminal controller for the different terminals, facilitate message exchange between the different systems involved in payment processing.

It is essentially a payment router that supports industry standard communication and messaging. It is compliant with PCI DSS and PA DSS.

It can be deployed as a standalone system, or a hybrid configuration of a cloud and site system.

The same offer flexibility to business owners to adopt that best fits their business card acceptance strategy.

Payment Switch is designed for financial institutions, payment gateways, large merchants, e-commerce merchants, mobile merchants, telecommunication companies and airlines to support acquisition of card based, card-not-present, e-wallet and token-based transactions.

Paymment Gateway


E-Commerce Merchants


Financial Institutions

Mobile Merchants

Telco Companies

VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, etc

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