Data Centre Management

Three purpose-built SLA committed Data Centres.

Perception of cybersecurity at a given company influences consumer behaviour. 50% of respondents said they spend less money with brands that appear to have insecure data practices.

Strateq can help your organisation navigate through the stages before and after:

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Data Centre Design and Build Up

STRATEQ’s premises were planned and designed by its own in-house engineers. Their experiences range from data centre of 10,000 sq ft. to 100,000 sq ft. This expertise is also available to clients for planning and designing their new data centre, either at STRATEQ or their own designated sites.

The data centre design and build up is according to:

Applicable international standards (TIA 942, ISO 17799)

Real needs of the room to guarantee redundancy and continuity

Best industrial practices

Tier level III

Understanding customers’ security concerns, STRATEQ has places tight security to its premises which include:-

  • ● 24-hour  surveillance of the premises
  • ● Sophisticated fire protection and prevention
  •  Recorded closed circuit TV for security monitoring
  • ● Proximity and biometric access system at all access points
  • ● Multiple uninterruptible power supply system and contingency generator sets

Data Centre Design and Build Up

Strateq’s Data Centre design is based on best practice by delivering better redundancy and guaranteed higher SLA with no single point of failure, thus giving customers value for money.

In order to ensure maximum computer up-time, STRATEQ has a team of qualified resident hardware engineers, maintaining the STRATEQ equipment in a constant state of readiness. The same team of engineers was involved in the planning and set-up of the STRATEQ computer centre and, as such, is very familiar with the physical facilities, layout and equipment configuration.

STRATEQ provides equipment sourcing from all over the world. Therefore, STRATEQ is also able to provide itself and clients with equipment should the need arise.

This service is backed by experienced administration support in the areas of insurance, freight forwarding, transportations and installation services.

DC Audit and Enhancement

DC Design and Project Management

DC Relocation Planning and Implementation




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