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Connected securely to fully managed Payment HSMs from wide range of payment applications, be it on premises or cloud-based, for a suite of payment security functionality such as transaction processing, sensitive data protection, payment credential issuing, mobile card acceptance as well as payment tokenization.

With its high performance payShield 10K HSMs operating at high availability, unplanned business downtime can be reduced, and resilience maximised. This allows PAYS HSM to deliver a world-class experience to end-users.

PAYS HSM Services
– Provide test systems to execute multiple test cases with PCI requirements
– Group of HSMs shared with multiple users
– Secure data segregation with unique LMK per customer
– Economical solution with excellent price-performance ratio
-Exclusive group of HSMs carry only own keys and data
– Have full control/custody to own specific configurations
– High volume transactions without performance reduction
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