ArticlesTransforming Healthcare Networks & Services: How Malaysia Private Healthcare Chain (M) Leveraged AWS and Strateq for Seamless Integration

Transforming Healthcare Networks & Services: How Malaysia Private Healthcare Chain (M) Leveraged AWS and Strateq for Seamless Integration

About Private Healthcare Chain (M)

Private Healthcare Chain (M) is a leading brand that signifies excellence in healthcare. It encompasses various institutions with a common goal: to enhance lives and revolutionize healthcare. The business model of Private Healthcare Chain (M)  is centered around delivering exceptional care for patients.

Private Healthcare Chain (M) Challenge:

In Malaysia, Private Healthcare Chain (M) requires a network integration for their existing systems, but they have to fulfill a number of regulatory compliance requirements concerning their IT systems. Private Healthcare Chain (M) was seeking a modern and cost-effective network implementation for their system integration needs.

Why AWS:

Private Healthcare Chain (M) was in search of a cloud network hub solution for their systems’ network integration requirements. The subscription-based cloud platform running on AWS provided Private Healthcare Chain (M) with a faster time to market and a significantly lower OpEx model, eliminating the need for a CapEx investment.

Why Private Healthcare Chain (M) Chose Strateq:

Strateq is an AWS Advanced Tier consulting partner with extensive expertise in AWS. They have a team of certified individuals in AWS Solution Architecture, DevOps, and Networking, capable of providing network consultation, designing, and implementation professional services.

Strateq Professional Services offer expert guidance and support for designing, implementing, and optimizing AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Transit Gateway configurations tailored to meet specific business needs. Their in-depth knowledge and experience help build secure, scalable, and well-architected network environments that align with AWS best practices.

Results and Benefits:

Strateq successfully implemented a hub-and-spoke network in Private Healthcare Chain (M), which went live within three weeks. The solution has improved network segmentation and security by enabling Private Healthcare Chain (M) to connect multiple Amazon VPCs and on-premises networks through a central hub. This simplifies network management and reduces the complexity of peering configurations. Moreover, it enhances visibility and control over network traffic, making it easier to monitor and enforce network policies across I Private Healthcare Chain (M)’s entire AWS infrastructure.

Next Steps:

Strateq and Private Healthcare Chain (M) will continue collaborating for the entire duration of the one-year cloud managed service contract. Strateq will persist in gathering requirements and feedback from Private Healthcare Chain (M) to further improve networking for the organization.


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