ArticlesEnhancing Efficiency: How Malaysia Utility Company Leveraged AWS and Strateq for Cloud Migration and Management

Enhancing Efficiency: How Malaysia Utility Company Leveraged AWS and Strateq for Cloud Migration and Management

About Malaysia Utility Company (MUC)

Our client, an established utility company based in Malaysia, focuses on the provision of electricity services to a wide array of customers, ranging from households to businesses and industries. With a strong foothold in the energy sector, the company is actively engaged in multiple energy initiatives, including renewable energy projects, to cater to the country’s increasing energy needs while emphasizing sustainability and advancement in the power industry.

MUC Challenge

As the business expands, the need for agility, scalability, reliability, security, and application resiliency has become crucial. With their current data center nearing maximum capacity, MUC decided to migrate some of their on-premises applications to the cloud. This shift to a Cloud platform subscription model aims to provide MUC with faster time-to-market and the ability to scale in response to demand. However, to ensure seamless management of all applications in the cloud, an enterprise Landing Zone adhering to cloud best practices and aligned with MUC’s security policies needs to be established before the migration begins.


MUC selected AWS due to its position as a market leader in the Public Cloud segment. AWS is known for its maturity, stability, and ability to provide reliable, secure, and fast accessibility.

Why MUC Chose Strateq

Strateq is an AWS Advanced Tier consulting partner with extensive expertise in AWS, including the development of AWS Landing Zones. The team comprises AWS Solution Architects Professional certified professionals, AWS DevOps Professional certified experts, AWS Advanced Networking Specialty certified professionals, and more than 20 AWS Associated certified individuals across Solution Architects, SysOps, and DevOps. Strateq offers expert guidance and support for designing, implementing, and optimizing workloads on AWS. The team specializes in implementing AWS Landing Zones, incorporating essential services such as AWS Control Tower, AWS IAM Identity Center, Amazon VPC, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, AWS Transit Gateway, and AWS Network Firewall to establish a secure multi-account AWS environment. Their profound knowledge and experience enable MUC to build secure, scalable, and well-architected network environments aligned with AWS best practices. Furthermore, Strateq possesses the expertise and experience in managing both public and private clouds, a skill set that MUC seeks as they transition their applications to the cloud.

Results and Benefits

Strateq successfully implemented a secure and compliant AWS environment, reducing the time and effort required for initial configuration while ensuring adherence to best practices. This implementation enhanced security, governance, and operational efficiency by providing centralized management, auditing capabilities, and standardized account structures. Ultimately, this enabled MUC to focus on innovation and agility in their AWS deployments.

Next Steps

Strateq and MUC will continue collaborating for the entire duration of the three-year cloud-managed service contract. Strateq will continue to gather requirements and feedback from MUC to further enhance the cloud infrastructure for the company.


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