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About Private Hospital Chain (M)

Private Hospital Chain (M) is a medical company which offer full spectrum of integrated healthcare and ancillary services, providing care, treatment, and outcomes. It has a network of more than 14 hospitals offering healthcare services across Malaysia.


Private Hospital Chain (M) embarked on a journey to improve delivery of quality healthcare services to improve patient experience and improve on its market awareness which consequently contributes to an increase in volume of data from different application systems.

However, Private Hospital Chain (M) faced challenges to ensure accurate decision making in timely manner due to its huge transactional volume of data and scattered data points (7 – 15 TB and growing). They were unable to respond to business challenges with speed. Therefore, Private Hospital Chain (M)  looked toward cloud technology that could cater for the ability to handle big data at a centralized repository.


AWS was chosen due to its mature and stable nature. As Private Hospital Chain (M) contains confidential data, therefore security is important which is provided by AWS with its encryption features and access management policy. Private Hospital Chain (M) required for data to be ingested in speedy manner to make near real time decision making and insights and AWS provided such ability to have reliable and fast accessibility. On-premises technology were no longer valid for big data, therefore, cloud technology like AWS met the Private Hospital Chain (M) requirements in terms of the availability, scalability and its infrastructure.

Why Strateq

Strateq is a business partner with AWS. We are an AWS Advanced Tier consulting partner that provides much expertise along with certified individuals in AWS Solution Architects & DevOps.  

Talend was chosen as an ETL tool to perform ETL activities. Since Strateq is also a business partner with Talend, thus, making it more effective to choose Strateq as the middle person between client and business partner.

Results and Benefits

Strateq successfully adopted cloud technology and created a centralized repository of data for Private Hospital Chain (M) within the project timeline. There were more than 15 modules for Pharmacy and Finance departments which was successfully deployed to production throughout the years. The single source of truth in the cloud data lake landing zones and compute platform capabilities with choice of latest processors, storage, networking, operating system, and purchase model to help match with the needs of the workload, with industry leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance standards coupled with optimized cost, organized data, fine-tuned access controls to meet specific business, organisational and compliance requirements have allowed the business to access data more easily as well as provide capability to implement health care data analytics to assist in pharmacy, finance and marketing as well as to assess business health performance. Furthermore, this has made data visibility more apparent as well as increase the capability for reporting purposes. Other than that, risk is well contained due to the policy enforcement.

Next Steps

Strateq engaged in providing support for jobs required to land and synchronize data in the cloud data lake with production data and supported the ETL/ELT and Data Visualisation cloud compute platforms.




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