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Companies need to ensure that their cybersecurity programmes keep pace with their digital transformation efforts. Cybersecurity should not be an afterthought; it needs to be integrated into the fabric of an organisation’s growth strategy.

Perception of cybersecurity at a given company influences consumer behaviour. 50% of respondents said they spend less money with brands that appear to have insecure data practices.

Strateq can help your organisation navigate through the stages before and after:


by putting in the necessary controls and technologies to ensure security


the external attacks and internal violation of security controls


from an incident quickly with minimum damage, ensuring business resiliency and continuity

STRATEQ offers the following business consulting products and services

Cybersecurity Solutions:


Our solution for Healthcare is a secure cloud infrastructure built specifically to be IPAA-compliant via HITRUST. It provides a safe haven for electronic healthcare records (EHR), electronically-protected healthcare information (ePHI) and other sensitive data. Trust in our HITRUST-Certified services to help you become HIPAA-compliant in the cloud.

Our solution for Payment is a secure, PCI DSS-compliant cloud that isolates critical data from the rest of the IT infrastructure by applying our unique approach to manage cloud security – preventing devastating data breaches. Our PCI DSS-compliant services pass on inherited security controls to your critical cloud workloads and application.
Our multi-layered security stack does not just help organisations looking to be HIPAA- or PCI-compliant. This managed cloud solution also protects intellectual property by helping organisations manage access to their customer’s most valuable asset – their ideas.

Our innovative cloud security solutions are built with the highest level of data protection in mind and are capable of meeting any regulatory or compliance standard.


Being resilient against future threats for your business success.

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