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Strateq Managed Automated Refueling Technology ‘SMART’ Managed Services has accumulated over 20 years’ experience of managed services and Petrol Retail solutions support for almost 5,000 refuelling stations in Asia Pacific. Drawing from strong domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of Petrol Retail automation system, we have developed these services:

SMART SD is an in-house developed solution based on our 20 years’ experience in service delivery industry that follows best practice standards in IT Service Management (ITSM). It is a next generation tool that automates ITSM with digital technology for multi-channel support via chat, mobile, web and Internet of Things (IoT) on top of conventional voice, email and fax.

SMART SD is designed based on a collaboration model that connects people, tools, processes and automation into a transparent workflow. This workflow connects the work needed, the work happening, and the work done in a persistent location staffed by the people, Bots and related tools. The transparency tightens the feedback loop, improves information sharing and enhances team collaboration.

The SMART SD solution was designed as a mobile and chat first application from lessons learned and observed in modern working culture which encourages pervasiveness. This solution is built for collaboration and transparency, keeping the focus on uptime and operational efficiency.

In addition to this, the inclusion of the IoT edge device allows more efficient predictive maintenance and real-time situational awareness of customers’ equipment states and health. Eventually as the machine learning model gets better from ingesting more data and logs from calls, request and IoT edge device enabled equipment, we foresee a time when a good majority of the tickets raised to the service desk will be automated and raised by the Bot we leverage for our solution.

Customer Relationship Management

Mobile Applications

Service Level Management

Problem & Change Management*


Self Service Portal

Workforce Management

Inventory Management*

Contract Management*

Knowledge Base*

SMART SD Solution Stack

Strateq houses over 200 engineers with a minimum of 5 years experience from various IT backgrounds providing round the clock onsite support services for customers across Asia Pacific countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China and Thailand.

We provide excellent customer service experience with high quality service delivery for:

Nationwide Support

Preventive Maintenance

Service Level Management

MACD Services

Asset Tagging

Manpower Outsource

System Integration

Corrective Maintenance

Project Deployment

Strateq has years of experience in large scale projects for nationwide rollout, with proven track records of downtime prevention. Our Move, Add, Commission, Decommission (MACD) Services benefit enterprises as we have the economy of scale to provide highly trained and cost-effective resources nationwide, covering end-to-end services to ensure every deliverable is up to customer’s expectations.

We have over 20 years’ experience in providing round the clock phone assistance and remote services with multilingual support for customers across Asia Pacific countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Thailand, Guam and Saipan.

Our highly trained customer service agents are well equipped with the necessary system knowledge to provide accurate solutions in a timely manner to minimise customers’ system downtime.

We have the capability to manage end-to-end call centre business process outsourcing, we strive to deliver excellent services, combining our experience and best practices in IT service management.

Level 1 Support
• Multilingual Support
• Multichannel through SMART SD
• Incident Management
• Service Reporting

Business Process Outsourcing
• Data Analysis
• Complant Management
• Service Level Management

Preventive MaintenanceLevel 2 Support
• Remote Technical Support
• Remote Software Deployment
• Escalation Services

Agent Outsourcing

24/7 Dashboard Monitoring

Business Support provides a wide range of services ranging from the logistic and warehousing related services to workshop repair. The logistic and warehousing services supplies Inventory management which provides a close monitoring of stock level as well as effective distribution and mobilization of equipment

Third Party Fulfillment


System Staging

Packaging and Distribution

Inventory Management


Our Workshop repair facility provides board level repair of IT equipment, rudimental circuit board design and fabrication services with the objectives of achieving timely and uninterrupted service to end users as well as cost reduction.

Workshop Facilities

PCB Design and Board Level Repair

Hardware Security Modules Key Injection

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