Intelligent Surveillance

With a combination of state-of-the-art Surveillance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for maximum security, our solutions enhance the ability to detect any suspicious activities easier and faster through the analysis of surveillance footages in all conditions and environments.

With our AI-enhanced solutions, we help your surveillance methods become smarter.

Combining self-developed thermal imaging technology with Hikvision’s extensive experience in the video surveillance field, we provide a full range of thermal products to meet your various requirements. Key Features
  •  ● Advance detection ability
  • ● Temperature measurement
  • ● Excellent environmental adaptability
HIK Vision’s Thermal Technology Advantages
  •  ● Auto gain control (AGC)
  • ● Digital detail enhancement
  • ● 3D digital noise reduction
Capabilities /  What It Can Do
  •  ● Perimeter protection key-region intelligent preventions
  • ● Thermography to avoid damage
  • ● Fire and theft protection in warehouse settings
  • ● Protection of borders and coastlines
Explosive substances and combustion-supporting gas are external forces we cannot control. However, we can control the internal factor: the combustion source. Hikvision Explosion-Proof Series Cameras are built to contain serious malfunction within the camera body so as not to set off a chain reaction.

Key Features

  • ● Explosion resistance
  • ● Flame-proof housing (304/316L stainless steel)
  • ● ATEX authentication (Gas Explosion-proof Sign and Dust Explosion-proof Sign)

  • Application

    • ● Oil refineries           ● Oil wharfs
    • ● Oil depots                ● Oil & gas fields
    • ● Gas stations             ● Chemical plants
    • ● Metal processing    ● Powder workshops
    • ● Mining areas
Harsh environments can create challenges for cameras and reduce their lifespan. Stainless steel camera enclosures are designed for harsh environments by offering better protection in areas prone to corrosion. Key Features
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Fixed and PTZ models
  • 2MP Darkfighter models
  • ● True Day/Night, ultra-lowlight imaging
  • True WDR, Defog and 3D DNR
  • ● IP67 environmental rating
  • ● Corrosive environment
  • ● Coastlines/Marine
  • ● Chemical processing
  • ● Food processing
  • ● Washdown applications 
The PanoVu Multi-Imager camera systems from Hikvision present a unique surveillance tool for large open areas, traffic circles or intersections, looking to surveil a large public or private area with the least impact on infrastructure. Key Features
  • Panoramic and Panoramic with PTZ models
  • 1/1.9-inch 2MP progressive scan CMOS sensors
  • 8MP and 16MP models
  • ● 180 and 360 Models
  • Smart tracking (PTX models)
  • ● Open Areas
  • ● Safe City
  • ● Boardwalks
  • ● Campus

Hik Vision DarkFighter Upright Network PTZ Smart Pro Series is a traditional camera systems are a traditional PTZ camera designed for perimeter, parking lot, traffic or any application wanting to present a deterrent to potential criminals or promote public safety.

Key Features

  • Improved Pan/Tilt range
  • 2MP Darkfighter
  • True Day/Night, Ultra-Lowlight imaging
  • ● True WDR, Defog and 3D DNR
  • 3D intelligent positioning
  • ● Wiper


  • ● Perimeters
  • ● Parking areas
  • ● Highways
  • ● Airports


Safety should not be an afterthought. Protect what matters most now.

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