Agora provides a comprehensive end-to-end procurement and sourcing solution that can be adapted to most organisations. We offer enterprise license and hosted application services to customers in various industries.

Our eProcurement solution is a web-based procurement system. The system provides full functionality covering end-to-end procurement and fulfilment processing flow.

The system provides seamless straight-through-processing from Request For Quotation (RFQ) to Purchase Requisition (PR) with workflow approval before generating a Purchase Order (PO). Our system also includes fulfilment features like Delivery Order (DO), Goods Received Note (GRN) right up to Invoicing (INV) with payment approval workflow. Our solution will automatically do the 3-way document matching for PO-DO-GRN-INV, helping corporations to save time and cost associated with the work.

Our eProcurement software enables buyers and suppliers from everywhere to carry out procurement activities online. It allows procurement officers of buying companies to procure office supplies, Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) and material or direct material with a simple click of the mouse. It is designed specifically to replace costly and manual processes of procurement and fulfilment.

Benefits of eProcurement

By automating many aspects of the requisition-to-payment processes, overall cost savings would be the most noticeable benefit of the eProcurement system. There are host of other significant benefits when our customers use our eProcure solution.

Benefits for buyers

  • Reduces/eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual input while still retaining control of purchasing process
  • Faster order-cycle time from purchase requisition to delivery
  • Savings in reduced paperwork, reduced faxing costs and reduced mistakes
  • Complete end-to-end e-procurement flow from purchase requisition to payment – increases efficiency
  • Online collaboration with vendors
  • Reports on procurement spending, supplier performance
  • User friendly, simple interface

Benefits for vendors

  • Maintenance of customer relationships and brand identity (highly convenient for buyers to procure)
  • A fully-integrated fulfillment process that optimizes cost and time efficiency (reducing inconvenience of paper, visits etc.)
  • Increased business opportunities
  • Affordable and low cost e-commerce solution
  • Pro-active sales planning with purchasing information and behaviour
  • Standardized and efficient content management services (for cataloging of products and services)

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