Patient Story

Patient Story is an AWS cloud native version of 37 Degrees with data integration and a whole suite of peripheral services such as Personal Health Records for patients and Health Information Exchange between providers and payment processing systems.

It is designed to be an ecosystem which connects patients with healthcare providers.

True Story

We simplify the complexity of healthcare analytics by bringing together data from various sources. True Story is built on a modern business intelligence architecture that enables the platform to support healthcare practitioners’ need for greater accessibility, agility and analytical insight from a diverse range of data sources.

Healthcare data tends to reside in multiple places. From different source systems, like EMRs or HR software, to different departments, like radiology or pharmacy. The data comes from all over the organization. Healthcare data also occurs in different formats (e.g., text, numeric, paper, digital, pictures, videos, multimedia, etc.). Radiology uses images, old medical records exist in paper format, and today’s EMRs can hold hundreds of rows of textual and numerical data.

And it looks like the future holds even more sources of data, like patient-generated tracking from devices like fitness monitors and blood pressure sensors.

Because healthcare data is so uniquely complex, it’s clear that traditional approaches to managing data will not work in healthcare. A different approach is needed that can handle the multiple sources, the structured and unstructured data, the inconsistency, the variability, and the complexity within an ever-changing regulatory environment. The solution for this unpredictable change and complexity is an agile approach, tuned for healthcare.

Agora Marketplace

Agora is a procure-to-pay solution that aims to replace tedious manual sourcing-procurement tasks. The marketplace incorporates a well structured and in-controlled process that enables effective and efficient collaboration between the purchasing organisations and its vendors.

Agora is designed with an easy-to-use interface to ensure that employees of all levels can utilize the applications without lengthy training and customization. It offers startups and small-scaled businesses a quick & cost effective implementation of an integrated sourcing-procurement system.

SMART Downstream O&G Platform

SMART is our refuelling station operator’s platform to provide tools and services to enhance management of operations and business outcomes. The platform leverages on IoT and cloud to assist operators to reduce cost, practise predictive maintenance and provide more value added services for customers of every station.

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