Enterprise Business Solutions

The future is in the cloud. Recognising this potential, Strateq brings together selected partners known for their expertise to help you reach your cloud ambitions. Migrate the right workloads to the cloud, modernise applications, and manage hybrid environments securely with Strateq’s Enterprise Cloud Solutions.

Your eProcurement & eSourcing Solution Provider, provides cutting-edge solutions and services to organisations keen on cost savings measures and process enhancement.

Controlling spending is a must for companies in order to remain competitive. Strateq has come up with Agora to bring the benefits of automating sourcing, purchasing, fulfilment and invoicing processes, for improved cost savings with increased efficiency.

AGORA P2P (Procure-to-Pay)

A cloud-based solution, designed with efficiency in mind to replace cost-ineffective, traditional purchasing and procurement processes.

AGORA E2P (Expense-to-Pay)

A cloud-ready solution, made specifically to replace tedious and costly manual expense-to-payment processes.

AGORA SpAN (Spend Analysis)

A compliment to AGORA P2P and AGORA E2P for monitoring KPIs against spend management with user-friendly spend analysis dashboards.

Make better decisions with solutions from AGORA.

Save up to 55% of your purchasing cost

Improve up to 300% from your manual processes

Reduce up to 85% of your operation times

Data-driven insights are the lifeline for businesses to get one step ahead. Strateq and Bigmate understands this importance, thus providing tailor-made, cutting-edge monitoring solutions, through IoT, IoA and Telematics, catering to a broad range of industries and markets.

IoT & M2M (Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine)

Capture and utilise the intelligence gathered through our M2M and IoT technologies, with minimal disruptions to your business.

IoA (Internet of Assets)

Make better business decisions by understanding your assets better with our IoA framework, bringing them closer to you for providing tangible solutions.


Our Telematics solutions are comprehensive, ranging from GPS Tracking and Monitoring to Safety and Communications. Our Telematics solutions include:

BigMate Syrus Device

Compatible with multiple accessories for advanced IoT and M2M integration.

BigMate Camera Solution

Process, present and communicates information for analysis and cost reduction.


Records information required to be produced prior to auditing measures.

Bigmate Eagle

Track assets with compact trackers, allowing easy installation and concealment.

Bigmate Forms & Reporting Solution

Customise advanced dashboards for integration with existing reporting platforms.

Enterprise Asset Management

Business assets today are connected in complex systems, requiring unique solutions to address industry-specific challenges. Strateq sees the need to improve asset management, hence partnering with Infor Enterprise Asset Management to help you reach new levels of efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Scalable & Dynamic

Add computing power as needed with built-in modern architecture, enhancing your ability to grow.

Easily Deployable

Access your solution on any mobile device, adaptable to the cloud, on premise, or as a hybrid for on-the-fly fieldwork.

Accomplish More

Go beyond the basics – manage work orders, cases, spaces and additional data from one CMMS

Financial Management System

Growth means new markets, acquisitions, and products – requiring simple, responsive solutions. Strateq and Infor SunSystems acknowledge this necessity by delivering a comprehensive, global financial management system, delivered with unparalleled adaptability with a competitive cost.


Sophisticated multi-currency capabilities

Real-time analytics and business intelligence

Multiple books for IFRS and GAAP reporting

There is a story behind all data, Explore it with us.

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