Strateq & AWS for McAllen ER

About McAllen Emergency Room (MER)

Opened in December 2020, McAllen Emergency Room is an independent, patient-focused, and affordable emergency room located in south Texas. MER offers compassionate care for all the emergency medical and healthcare services 24x7x365.

MER Challenge

MER was a new and small healthcare facility, which cannot afford an expensive EHR system, yet there are a bunch of regulatory compliance requirements to fulfill with the IT system. MER was looking for a modern but affordable EHR system before its opening.


Strateq is an AWS Advanced Tier consulting partner, has a lot of expertise in AWS, including AWS Solution Architects & DevOps Professional certified individuals, and our cloud-native StrateqEHR is built in AWS platform.

Why MER Chose Strateq

MER was looking for a cloud EHR solution to reduce CapEx investment and Strateq is the only true native cloud EHR for a small healthcare facility in the US at the moment. This SaaS subscription model running in AWS platform provides MER with a much lower OpEx model and no CapEx investment.

StrateqEHR is a modern and intuitive UI/UX EHR solution that comes with a highly configurable workflow engine. This increase users’ adoption rate and reduced the learning curve hence significantly reduced the implementation timeline and cost.

Strateq Solution

StrateqEHR is a full-stack cloud-based OLTP solution with many integration and interoperability with third-party solutions. StrateqEHR is hosted within a VPC in AWS, which utilizing many Amazon EC2, MySQL RDS, Amazon ALB, VPN connection to hospital and partners, WAF, Amazon S3, and so on. Strateq signed BAA with AWS as PHI is being stored and processed in StrateqEHR.

StrateqEHR’s modern and intuitive UI/UX and highly configurable workflow increased adoption rate and reduced learning curve hence significantly reduced the implementation timeline.

Results and Benefits

Strateq managed to implement StrateqEHR in MER and went live in 3 weeks’ time. From the EHR software alone, MER will be saving more than $500K for the 7 years contract duration. Other savings such as fee for the vendor to host and manage any non-SaaS EHR.  As StrateqEHR is a native cloud platform, enhancements and fixes have been deployed in a much shorter turnaround time and significantly less destructive to facility operations.

Next Steps

Strateq and MER will continue working together for the full duration of the 7 years contract. Strateq will continue to capture requirements and feedbacks from MER to improve the StrateqEHR for MER and other customers.

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