Business Continuity
Consulting Services

STRATEQ’s Business Continuity Consulting Services offers a full range of consulting services designed to facilitate timely and successful continuation of your organisation’s business functions in the event of a disaster. A unique combination of documents, education and on-site consulting assist you in implementing a recovery capability in less time and at a lower cost than previously available to you.

All our services are provided by experienced recovery experts and consultants with first-hand experience in testing and recovery. They have also developed Business Continuity Plans for large and small organisations in all sectors of businesses.

Accredited with MS ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System

ISO/IEC27001:2005 Information Security Management System (ISMS).

STRATEQ offers the following business consulting products and services

Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is one of the first steps in Business Continuity Planning and STRATEQ provides associated data gathering, study, analysis and management reporting towards justifying investments for Business Continuity Planning. A BIA also enables the client to understand the Business Continuity Requirements that include:

The timeframe in which the functions or services must be recovered in order to prevent unacceptable losses

The level of data integrity that must be maintained for long-term viability of the identified function

The amount of acceptable information loss for the given function/service

Once the Business Continuity Requirements are defined, the Business Continuity Resources necessary to meet those Business Continuity Requirements are quantified. Existing documentation is reviewed to determine the scope of the development effort that is necessary to ensure all vital records, critical documents, and procedures are available to support the Business Continuity effort. Risks are then identified to the point of recommending basic preventative measures.

STRATEQ provides advisory services in Business Continuity Policies to provide corporate standards and guidelines for the development, maintenance and testing of Business Continuity Plans. These policies and standards may be applied to all companies and business units under the corporate group. With this standard framework in place, all Business Continuity plans can be easily implemented corporate wide.

STRATEQ offers development, customisation and preparation of continuity plans to meet your specific needs and resources. Component Plans are self-contained and are designed to recover a single critical data processing function/service.

Each component plan contains detailed steps necessary to direct each recovery function in performing its responsibilities across all stages of recovery as specified in the BCM (Business Continuity Management) Methodology. This includes the actions that must be taken to declare a disaster, to notify appropriate personnel, to activate the business continuity plan and to effect a timely and controlled restoration and recovery of business functions and services.

Project Planning is the first and most critical phase of a Business Continuity Planning project. STRATEQ excels in orchestrating a realistic scope of work, generating a project plan customised to the client’s needs and educate the project team members and management team.

STRATEQ uses the well-proven methodology developed and used by DRII (Disaster Recovery Institute International). The project phases include Project Planning, Continuity Analysis and Strategy Development, Continuity Plan Development, Infrastructure Development, Plan Testing, and Plan Maintenance.

STRATEQ’s Quality Assurance Programme provides scheduled reviews, updates and procedures on testing and maintenance, which ensures the ongoing viability of your recovery programme. Once established, the programme – encompassing reviews, validation and modification – becomes an integral part of your organisation control system.

Being resilient against future threats for your business success.

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