Intelligent Surveillance

With a combination of state-of-the-art Surveillance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for maximum security, our solutions enhance the ability to detect any suspicious activities easier and faster through the analysis of surveillance footages in all conditions and environments.

With our AI-enhanced solutions, we help your surveillance methods become smarter.

Smart City Solution safeguards the social and economic life of your citizens so citizens will be confident to go about their normal lives in peace.


• Wide range of Smart 2.0 surveillance products.

 Realtime analysis and threat detection.

Rapid video searching through massive data.

Smart Integration provides the platform for today’s sophisticated security needs. Open to third party systems, this means better business intelligence, and lower cost. In short: better service for customers.

• Centralized module-based video surveillance platform

• Capture clear images regardless of lighting conditions

• Real-time facial detection and recognition.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition act as a deterrent against theft, robberies and vandalism, increase the usefulness of footage for legal purposes, and are an extremely effective tool when bringing criminals to justice.

Vehicle Flow Analysis

Automatic number plate recognition

Environmental and vandalism proof build quality

Traffic management has become a critical element of keeping travelers safe and vehicles moving. Sentry is committed to providing complete, innovative solutions for intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

Dedicated high performance cameras

Automatic violation detection

Vehicle flow analysis

The need for perimeter security grows every day. Establish complete control with Sentry’s Access Control system that consists of an access controller, card reader, turnstiles, exit button, lock, and software platform, along with any other needed accessories.

• Multiple access modes

• Multi-system linkage

• TCP/IP system structure


Safety should not be an afterthought. Protect what matters most now.

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