Intrusion Detection
& Pilot Localisation

Our platform makes use of a passive sweep of the airspace and can detect & identify most commercial drones in the market today. SkySecure provides advance warning of drone activity near critical infrastructure. Using a database with acoustic signatures of drone models, it accurately distinguishes UAVs from other common noise sources. It integrates into your existing security system to provide real-time alerts and location data for rapid response.

What the platform does

Provides real-time alerts, allowing for prompt interception of drones

Can detect drone flyovers that are used in reconnaissance for a future attack, thwarting an attack mission in its early stages

Reports location and directional data for the drone, along with drone classification information

Retains alert data as digital evidence for subsequent legal proceedings

As drone numbers continue to rise, regulators and authorities need to take action to safely manage their integration into their airspace. We can help by providing the right solution, from national registries to integrated airspace management.

Registration & Identity

An Identity and Registration system is an important component of a national drone management solution. For authorities, our National Drone & Operator Registration Services product is ready-to-go and fully customisable, providing a mechanism for drone operators to digitally register their credentials in your territory as well as their drones, qualifications and exemptions.

Geofencing Solutions

In an ever-changing landscape, we recognise that the geofencing data you need to provide is not just going to come from existing aviation sources: you’re going to need new tools, systems and infrastructure to build out new data sources, with highly flexible customisation options that cater for mission variables, individual permissions and more.

Protected Airspace Management

Strateq’s Sky Secure Protected Airspace Management System (PAMS) enables regional management of a particular region of airspace, giving real-time communications, deconfliction and registry services for each facility.Designed with deep integration to existing aviation systems, including airport Electronic Flight Strip solutions, PAMS is the solution you need to safely integrate drones into your airspace, now – and well into the future.

Monitor various aspects of a drone flight mission; from pre-flight planning, to in-flight operations management, to post-flight reporting and analysis for all your drones.

Pre-flight planning

Convenient Checklist Management and Compliance

Manage your entire team’s checklist from one central location and verify they’re completing them prior to each flight. See logs of where each list was completed and by whom.

Review Your Flight and Pilot Risk Profile before You Fly

With our Pilot Risk Profile and Flight Risk Assessment, easily assess your mission risk level and your pilot’s risk profile. Mitigate risk quickly and easily across your drone operations.

Intuitive Real-time Airspace Information

Our FAA facility maps make it easy to understand LAANC authorizations. We feature the FAA sectionals as well as an AirMap integration to reduce complexity wherever possible.

Mission Planning for Your Team

Design, review and approve missions for your team pilots with our web dashboard. Coordinate your team’s flights to complete missions quickly and easily.

Intuitive Mission Planning

Improve flight efficiency and complete your mission objectives faster with Waypoint Missions. Set-up waypoints on your pilot’s flight maps for them to fly over to collect data and allow your pilots to collaborate and coordinate flight paths to complete the mission objectives.

In-flight operations

Ensure Your Team Follows Your Flight Standards with Flight Profiles

Ensure that your team complies with all local and FAA restrictions. Set up automated flight restrictions on your drone fleet like flight ceilings, maximum distances from pilot and no-fly zones. Flight profiles are updated automatically to your pilots so they can focus on the flying without having to worry about adhering to limitations.

View What Your Entire Team is Doing in Real-Time with Drone Aware

View your team’s telemetry in real-time. This increases situational awareness and allows you to share your drone telemetry amongst your other operators, enabling safer and more efficient flights.


Safety should not be an afterthought. Protect what matters most now.

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