Intelligent Surveillance

With a combination of state-of-the-art Surveillance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for maximum security, our solutions enhance the ability to detect any suspicious activities easier and faster through the analysis of surveillance footages in all conditions and environments.

With our AI-enhanced solutions, we help your surveillance methods become smarter.

Deep Learning

With analytics taking business solutions into the next century, and with automatic alarm accuracy above 90%, this technology is a step beyond anything video surveillance as you know it.

How It Works

Filters out insignificant objects and false movements in a scene that would trigger normal alarm systems

Vehicle data gets recorded and shapes the database to perform – enable numerous security functions

People counting behavioural analysis systems give businesses an advantage in marketing and conversion efforts

Facial Recognition

Thanks to Deep Learning, businesses now have the power to control access to entry points with an identity library based on face recognition.

How It Works

A person’s face is saved to a “blacklist” or VIP “whitelist” library

Entry gates can be triggered to allow or deny access

The system can also be set to trigger an alarm for faces not recorded in the library to prevent stranger intrusions

License Plate Recognition

This module reads and recognises licence plate information automatically from passing vehicles and logs the information with accompanying snapshots.

The system can also be set to trigger an alarm for faces not recorded in the library to prevent stranger intrusions

Enforce time-limited zone rules and conduct lot inventories

Supports optimised recognition algorithms

Behaviour Analysis

Customised analysis with our DeepInMind NVRs, DeepInView Cameras and DeepInGo Terminals. With Hikvision’s built-in industry-leading behaviour analysis algorithms, add significant workplace efficiency with the ability to automatically detect and analyse intelligent events.

● Line Crossing

● Intrusion Detection

● Region Entrance

● Object Removal

● Region Exiting

● Unattended Baggage

People Counting

Perfect solution for busy commercial spaces such as supermarkets, departmental stores, shopping centres, railway stations, museums and tourist attractions.

What it Does

● Continue monitoring people who change walking direction

Smart software for effortless counting of everyone present


Safety should not be an afterthought. Protect what matters most now.

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