37 Degrees enables healthcare delivery of any size and can scale cost-effectively. It is built with patients and healthcare practitioners in mind, to be more patient-centric and friendly for clinicians. It is mobile, available on premise, on the private or public cloud and is highly adaptable through a brilliant architecture of agile development and microservices.

37 Degrees is a comprehensive healthcare information package developed using the latest in open-source technology (such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, HL7 and many others), which ensures that the solution remains open and extensible.

Our latest generation Hospital Information System (HIS) provides doctors, Nurses and Ancillary staff a fully-integrated and easy-to-use solution that captures critical clinical data for safe and accurate patient care. Built for mobile and optimised for the cloud with current interoperability and compliance standards, HIS helps you grow your healthcare organisation and places patient care at the heart of your healthcare goals.

Our solution has successfully interfaced with many other healthcare applications such as RIS PACS, Laboratory Information Systems, Blood Bank Information System, Critical Care Information Systems,  Labour and Delivery Systems, Oncology Information System, etc.

Our Core Modules are as follows:

    1. Patient Management

    • Appointment Management & Scheduler
    • Registration, Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (RADT) 
    • Bed Management
    • Queue Management

    2.Clinical Documentation & Management

    • CPOE/Order Management
    • Nursing 
    • Clinical Documentation & EMR
    • Emergency Department

    3.Ancillary Systems

    • Central Sterilization Tracking System
    • Meal Ordering
    • Peri-Operative
    • Rahab
    • Medical Folder Tracking 
    • Mortuary
    • Infection Control
    • Dental Management System
    • Operating Theatre management System
    • Dietary Management System
    • the red ones are upcoming (product roadmap)

    4.Revenue Cycle Management

    • Charging & Billing
    • Payment & Cashiering
    • Professional Fees Management 
    • Pricing & Policies
    • Accounts Receivable

    5.Materials Management

    • Procurement
    • Inventory

    6.System Setup -Tenant Management 

    • Master Data Management 
    • Printing Management 
    • Dynamic Form Engine

Multi-tenant Platform

We support both single- and multi-tenancy operations. Our solution is completely scalable and provides consolidated database views. We deploy a single instance across multiple sites as needed. Simplified deployment provides portability of both patient and caregiver data and access.

Hospital Information System

Management of patient master index, merging and linking of patient data, chart deficiency management and tracking, and release of information.

Laboratory Information System

Flexible rules-based technology that adapts to your lab workflow. Our navigation supports quick launch icons for consistency and productivity. The system supports Microbiology and Anatomic Pathology Inventory Management. Our versatile design supports complex reporting and connectivity for systems/instruments/middleware. ICD-10 & Meaningful Use Certified. Plus, you may access the module anytime, anywhere.

Other Management Systems

Effortlessly communicate, transmit and manage vital data with our Patient Administration component, Document Management system, Dietary Management, Operating Theater Management, and our fully-featured Pharmacy Solution.

Complies to Industry Best Practices

Adheres to HL-7 FHIR interoperability standards and built on Meaningful Use (MU-3) for prevailing healthcare cybersecurity standards.

37 DEGREES is an outcome of design thinking with clinicians, nurses, pharmacists and hospital staff from many workshops, reviews, and field test cycles to develop real world solutions. With a successful track record of implementing and supporting more than 23 public and private hospitals for the last two decades since 1999, Strateq Health continues to meet our clients’ needs with a deep understanding of the industry both locally and internationally.

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