November 11, 2020

Our Client

Our client, a Malaysian national investment company, is entrusted with growing Malaysia’s long-term wealth via distinct commercial and strategic objectives. Their commercial objective is to grow financial assets and diversify revenue sources for the nation, while its strategic objective is to hold strategic assets that bring long-term economic benefits. They are guided by theirs investment philosophy which emphasises attaining appropriate risk-adjusted financial returns, generating sustainable returns, and integrating ethical and responsible investing considerations.

Their Challenges

Why VMware on AWS?

They selected AWS, instead of Azure, as AWS have proven that VMware on AWS have been in the market longer and is more mature and stable.

Why Strateq?

The client chooses Strateq because

  • We have proven Managed Service SOP and experience in providing on prem and Clouds infra, as client have both the on prem (Core applications) and cloud (non-core applications) environments
  • We have 30+ years of expertise in migrating Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre, and have 10+ years of expertise in migrating and managing cloud environment.
  • We have huge expertise in VMware (including migrating and managing 600+VMs for the MAMPU private cloud initiative) and AWS (we are their Advanced Tier consulting partner with individuals having AWS Professional certified for Solution Architects & DevOps)

Results and Benefits

Strateq has successfully migrated their non-core applications to VMware on AWS within the project timeline. We are currently managing their entire infra – VMware on Prem (Core applications), VMware on AWS (non core applications), and DR (both core and non-core applications) at Strateq DC.

Their new systems are running smoothly and so far we managed to resolve their infra issues within the stipulated SLA. This gives them peace of mind to focus on their core business objective and does not have to worry about infra scalability issues.

Next Steps

After stabilization of their environment, Strateq is looking at operation excellence, Security enhancement, and cost optimization to allow our client to enjoy a stable and scalable system while they can focus on their functional requirement.


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